The section addresses a number of questions (and objections!) that I have found seem to come up quite commonly in discussions about religion or God. It’s surprising just how often the same questions and objections come up, but it has helped me understand why people struggle with “God” – and oddly the premise for this struggle is most often a misconception or misunderstanding of God. The challenge to you is whether you will hold onto your misconception for the sake of keeping it as an excuse, or whether you are prepared to face the truth head-on, inconvenient as it may be!

I hope this section will at least help clarify any misconceptions you may have (such as those childish caricatures of God that we’ve all grown up with!) and allow you to engage based on God’s actual (biblical) position on these matters (and by that I am not claiming to hold the full truth on the matter, just pointers in the right direction – you really should do your own research into qualifying any of my answers!)

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