Good questions deserve a decent answer

I’m not much of a politician. The reason I know that, is because I get irritated when someone avoids answering a simple question directly. I have no problem with a diplomatic response: we could do with more real statesmen in the world that have both the gravitas and the skill to exercise true diplomacy. We’d surely have less conflicts if there were more Nelson Mandelas and less Kim Jong il’s in this world. But there is no excuse for avoiding answering a question just because it’s uncomfortable or too hard to answer. This section of the site is thus dedicated to enable you to ask questions in the context of the topics covered here (you can ask Google the rest). I’ll do my best to provide an answer or to point you somewhere that you can one. If I don’t know the answer I’ll also be honest in telling you that. If I don’t get back to you quickly enough, it’s because I’m probably busy raising my children or earning a living – I’m not committing to a Service Level Agreement here, OK?!

Once you’ve posted your question and I’ve had time to consider and respond, it will appear in the “Questions Answered” section of the site. Do note that the answer may be sandwiched between a lot of other posts, so you may need to go searching for it. Make sense? If not, ask a question.

Important note: I do not know what the winning lottery numbers are and I don’t divulge my wife’s secret recipes. No warranties given or implied. Etc.

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